Haystar Biz Blog | Job Search Playlist

I recently found myself in the job search business. Among other activities, this involved a lot of online research of companies and positions. Fortunately, my SkullCandy headphones and PandoraOne subscription keep me tuned in as I sifted through the virtual sands of possibilities looking for the right opportunity. Here are 5 songs I included in my job search playlist:

5. Everybody's Working for the Weekend by Loverboy
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This is an 80's rock masterpiece. Hopefully, my job search doesn’t take me down this path #RIPChrisFarley

4. Buy Me a Boat by Chris Janson
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Generally, boats aren't on the top of your list when your searching for a job. Metaphorically speaking though--a "boat" is just what you need. Besides every job search playlist needs at least one country song.

3. Stressed Out by 21 Pilots
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Searching for a job while unemployed can be stressful at times. Whatever happened to the good old days? And where do I get hooked up one of those stylin' jumbo tricycles in the video?

2. Take a Chance on Me by ABBA
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If I thought it would help, I would sing this to every potential employer. I would even find me a sweet ABBA 70s suit. But sadly my singing wouldn’t help my cause. :-(

1. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2
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While this musical metaphor pre-dates Google, job search sites, and the Internet, and though it’s most likely about something much deeper, the spirit of the song still applies. (Bono looks real young in the video.)

What Songs Would You Include on Your Job Search Playlist?